Firmas (Signatures)

I play lots of games (in my head & with others) when I visit museums. There's one game, "Zoom In Until You Get Yelled At," that I often share with others so we can play together (see "Art Games" in my Instagram story highlights!). But I have NEVER shared my favorite game with anyone: Find The Signature.

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Natalie Dark Comment
Holiday Gift Guide For Art-Lovers

Let me be upfront: this is basically my Christmas List & there is NO ART SUPPLIES on it!

After reading lots of art-lover gift guides I realized there is NOT A SINGLE ONE that has anything I am interested in. Sure, art supplies are great, and I’m sure someone out there wants an adult coloring book, but I read gift guides to get new & unique gift ideas (& art supplies is neither of those things!). Also, it frustrated me a bit that

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Still Life Portraits

A still life portrait is a still life in which every object is used to make up a symbolic portrait of a person (or a couple, or a family, etc.). I see this as a play on the still lifes of the Dutch Golden Age & the Vanitas movement, but I want to modernize it. Rather than using these still lifes to communicate the transience of life, I want to use it as a way to…

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