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Natalie’s current work explores what it means to be modern and relevant while maintaining ties with the past. This investigation into the bridging of old and new stems from her experience of losing a sense of obvious Hispanic cultural identity after changing her maiden name. Natalie’s most obvious statement on the topic can be seen in how she names her works, which showcases the importance of her heritage.

Both the 17th-century Dutch Masters and contemporary social media aesthetics heavily inspire Natalie’s subject matter to create a purposefully inviting, familiar, and comforting experience for the viewer. It provides them with an instant connection to both the old and the new, and, therefore, an opportunity for further exploration. The use of colored pencils is also deliberate. By using what is typically considered a “low brow” medium to create traditionally “high brow” art, Natalie hopes to incite curiosity and a sense of contradiction in the viewer. This is intended as a democratizing experience, where a seductive and comforting exterior hides a world of complexity, a history unexplored or understood by the viewer.

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Instagram: @nataliedarkart