El Arreglo Floral

El Arreglo Floral

  • Paper Size 9" x 12" / 22.9cm x 30.5cm

  • Drawn on 100% cotton paper

  • Prismacolor Premier pencils and Holbein oil pastels

  • Artwork signed on both front & back, and shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity

  • Will be shipped with a custom archival mat board, ready to frame

  • Each piece is one of one, completely unique, and never to be reproduced

  • Payment Plans available & will be arranged upon request (please visit the FAQ page for more information about payment plans).

  • Standard shipping is complementary within the U.S. (please contact for other shipping options or questions regarding international shipping)

    *Please note that while all Natalie Dark Art colored pencil drawings are sealed with fixative, it is advised that pieces be framed with a protective barrier, such as glass or acrylic. If you have any doubts, questions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out via email (natalie@nataliedarkart.com), or using the contact page.

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Unlike the rest of the Camino Oscuro collection pieces, El Arreglo Floral is overflowing with an abundance of detail in subdued, cool hues. As the third piece of the Camino Oscuro Collection, it spearheads what I think of as “La Transición” (“The Transition”).

El Arreglo Floral was created during the time when the meaning of this journey became clear to me. I think it is the most unique piece in the series, and expresses my hesitation, confusion, and nervousness throughout this period. While these are traditionally considered negative emotions, I think their vulnerability makes them beautiful.

By this point in the journey I knew that I wanted to create art for others, but felt overwhelmed by thoughts of wanting others to like my art and nervousness about potentially feeling rejected if my art was not well received.

You can see how I have protected myself in the subject matter by choosing to depict something that is relatable, easily likeable, and inoffensive. Like this piece, I cherry picked the parts of myself I was comfortable with the world seeing. There is still some richness in the calming color scheme, and a moderately dark background, but it is not as bold as the rest of the collection.

Instead, this piece asks the viewer to focus on the technique and detail, which is where I am most comfortable. I think this is so important to share, because it is a reminder that while transitions may be slow, each step leads us closer to where we are meant to be. I love this piece because behind its tranquil facade you can sense the power of things to come.

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