Q. How can I buy an original piece?

A. I always have an online shop open where you can browse and purchase from a selection of original pieces. If you are interested in seeing a full list of available works, please reach out to me directly.


Q. What if I want something more custom/to commission you to do an original piece? 

A. I love to collaborate with collectors to create something unique that is just for them. If you are curious about the process, pricing, or anything else about creating something original together, please don't hesitate to reach out to me via email at Natalie@nataliedarkart.com!


Q. I really want one of the pieces I have seen for sale, but can't afford to pay in full for it right at this moment. Is there anything I can do to reserve the piece before someone else buys it?

A. Yes! I want my art to be accessible to everyone & realize that buying original artwork can be a big investment. For this reason I offer installment plans where you can buy a piece & pay it off over a fixed period of time without any interest. If this is something you are interested in, please see the payment plan section below.


Q. Where do you ship to? How much is shipping? 

A. I am currently shipping all original work/commissions worldwide, and Standard shipping within the contiguous U.S. is complementary. Please contact me by email (natalie@nataliedarkart.com) if you would like to have a piece shipped outside of the continguous U.S., if you need expedited shipping, or have any other shipping related questions. 


Q. How do returns work?

A. Every order, commission, & sale is handled with care and as much clarity & transparency as possible. My goal is for you to be completely thrilled with your purchase!  Because of this, all sales are final except in certain situations.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please email natalie@nataliedarkart.com




To help bring together original artwork and collectors, Natalie Dark Fine Art is introducing a payment plan for collectors purchasing original artwork. You may now choose to spread your purchase payments over the course of up to 4 instalments at the interval of your choosing, not to exceed a period of 12 months, with an interest-free payment plan.


How it works

To arrange a payment plan, please contact Natalie with the name of the piece you are interested in purchasing, the number of instalments you wish to make, and the interval in which you wish to make payments (i.e., weekly, monthly, etc.). Once a payment plan has been agreed upon, you will then be sent a link to a custom PayPal listing and a Payment Plan Agreement to be signed.

Once Natalie Dark Fine Art receives an initial payment and the Payment Plan Agreement has been signed, the artwork will be reserved for the collector and listed as “sold.” 

You will authorize Natalie Dark Fine Art to process each additional instalment on an on-going basis, as outlined in the contract. 

The artwork will remain in the possession of Natalie Dark Fine Art until the final instalment has been made, which is to be paid no later than the date stated in the Payment Plan Agreement.

The artwork will be sent to the collector after Natalie Dark Fine Art receives final payment. 


During the instalment period:

·       The artwork will be listed as sold upon receipt of the first instalment.

·        Instalments will be due on an on going basis as determined in the Payment Plan Agreement. 

·       A missed payment will result in a void contract and the artwork will be re-listed for sale.



Due to the fact that Natalie Dark Fine Art cannot sell the artwork to other collectors during the payment period, payments made are non-refundable should the collector decide not to complete the purchase and cancels the contract. Further, any missed or incomplete payments will void the contract, and the artwork will be listed for sale.