Natalie Dark Art Collaborative Commission Project

I recently opened my private oasis (home studio) to two other artists, both photographers, and it changed the way I see everything!

Collaborating with others & being part of their process/bringing them into mine breathed new life into my creative process and I want to share that with my collectors!

What is the Collaborative Commission Project?

I am looking for Collectors who...

  • Are interested in collaborating with me to create something totally unique for themselves or a loved one (Hello Holidays!)

  • May or may not consider themselves to be artsy/creative, but are open minded & excited to be part of my process!

The idea is to not only show you the behind the scenes of my creative process, but actually make you part of it!  

SPOTS ARE LIMITED (because time is limited), so fill out the form below to let me know that you are interested in learning more & I will email you shortly with more details!

Name *
Please provide a brief description of your vision/any ideas you may have for our collaboration (if any).
Who would this piece be for? *
Desired Size *
What is your budget? *
This will help me get an idea of how large/complex the piece can be, but won't impact who I choose to work with (meaning bigger budgets don't necessarily get selected, this is a real project & money won't be the deciding factor in who is the best fit for it!)